Corporate Info


JDV was founded by Mr. Shun-Tian Fan in 1975. The current capital is NT$ 296 million and it employs more than 200 people. It is the only high-end control valve domestic maker that emphasizes on 100% made in Taiwan. It uses the JDV brand for its global marketing, and the products are used in the petrochemical, refining, power plants, textile, steel, optical and paper industries. Due to the advanced industrial equipments, innovative technology, standardized production and comprehensive electronic services, it has become the top choice for many big firms home and abroad, such as Japan’s Hitachi and Toyo, Korea’s Posco and Samsung, Taiwan’s China Steel, CNPC, Formosa Plastics Group, TSCM, China’s Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Shenhua, China Coal, National Power, Singapore’s Water Authority, ABB, Shell, Total, BP, BASF, DOW, Bayer, Roche, Linde, Novartis, Nestle, Syngenta and Tata Steel.


To meet the diverse needs of customers around the world, JDV established Taiwan G-Tech TGT in 2001 responsible for sales and marketing in Taiwan, branches in Singapore, Switzerland and Shanghai and agency company to handle sales network.

To drive organizational growth and company value, JDV in 2009 established an operational headquarters and a R&D center in Taiwan to integrate strategy, key development and maintenance service operations. In 2013, iD SoftCapital, China Steel and Mega Holdings joined in the operating team, fully integrating resources and industrial links. The company successfully bought out the second-largest valve factory in Switzerland, realizing its dream of "footing in Taiwan and thinking globally".


The sophisticated metal seal technology

Due to the world’s environmental consciousness and the industrial safety requirements, JDV’s high-end control valves are made with sophisticated metal seal technology. The products can achieve 100% stop-leak and work in various harsh environments as hot as 800℃ and as low as -196℃ while withstanding pressures up to 2,500 pounds. The design combines craftsmanship and exclusive high velocity oxygen fuel spraying, challenging the limits of precise process.

From design to manufacturing, the products take humanities, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation into consideration. The company has industry-leading core technologies and abilities, including HVOF, precise metal seal grinding and the development of new-generation valves, providing higher quality, more values and the trustworthy “Taiwan Excellence”.


Advanced and specialized laboratory equipment

JDV provides all kinds of high-end control valves and spares no effort to enhance its research and development, establishing a R&D center, product validation teams and a product laboratory.

The company introduces 3D-CAD simultaneous engineering and CAE finite element method to conduct analog analysis of products, reducing the incidence of errors during development and shortening the development time. In validation, the company invested NT$ 20 million in 2001 to build a fluid experiment plant specializing in experimental validation of various CV parameters. A clean room and quality control 2nd grade laboratory were built afterward to establish a complete product validation ability. Among these, a set of HVOF equipment, the first in the industry, and high-end precision grinding technology were included to make JDV the largest HVOF hardening and spraying and precision grinding plant in Asia.

Inside the QC 2nd grade laboratory, we have Thermo metal spectrometers from Sweden, ATOS Triple high-end non-contact image measurement system from German for the purposes of composition analysis, microstructure, mechanical properties and dimensions, and they all can be used for testing, simulating and validating product structures.

We are also the only one in the industry to have simulation equipments that offer temperatures as high as 800℃ and as low as -196℃. The rich and powerful design validation capabilities help JDV participate in the researches and experiments of several domestic research institutes, becoming the pioneer in the industry.


The most international certificates

JDV has obtained numerous international certificates for quality system, sales permits, supplier certification and various product validations. For example in terms of products, the company has the API 6D, API 600 from the United States, PED CE, ATEX from Europe. For performance guarantees, the company has the basic fireproof certificates such as API 6FA and API 607 and the fugitive emission certification such as TA-Luft and ISO-15848 to effectively suppress gas leakage. It also has a rare -196℃ ultra-low temperature valve verification. For the certification of functional safety, it is also the first in the Greater China region to obtain TÜV Rheinland SIL 3 certification using valves.


The largest service system in Taiwan

JDV has the largest service system in Taiwan to provide clients with fast and convenient services:

  1. Total solution service team.
  2. Localized maintenance service. Established Kaohsiung, Mailiao and Chungli service plants and service centers oversea.
  3. Built an electronic expert system to provide quick and accurate customer service and handle customer claims.

Corporate social responsibility

For sustainable Earth and community care, JDV actively promotes “Green Taiwan VOC Project” to reduce waste and enhance recycling by using the waste from the plant. The recycling of stainless steel over 3 years totals 9,000 kilos, just about the carbon emission that can be absorbed by 500 trees in one year. The recycling of paper and pallet over 3 years total 5,000 kilos, about the carbon emission to be absorbed by 250 trees over one year. The company is engaged in the public welfare such as road donations and hiring the local young people to build long and harmonious relationship.


Chronology (Honors and Recognitions)

Mr. Shun-Tian Fan founded “Shun Fa Enterprise”. The original plant was in Hsinchuang of Taipei. Produced “Golden Dragon” ball valves for the domestic market.
Changed to “JDV Industrial” and developed pneumatic control valves and pressure reducing valves. Changed its logo to a peach for the domestic market.
Moved to Xisheng factory measuring 500 m². Expand capacity for the oversea market.
Changed to “JDV Industrial Co. Ltd.”
Added JDV brand for the global market. Introduced more than 10 MC and CNC milling machines to improve precision and concentricity, and promoted Autocad-2D computer design.
Introduced Autocad-3D simultaneous engineering and CAE finite element method.
Implemented ISO 9000 quality system.
Obtained DNV ISO 9002 and API 607 3th Edition fireproof valve testing certificate.
Moved to Xinwu plant that measures 7500 m². Expanded capacity and established a design center. Developed metal ball valves.
Changed the English name to “JDV CONTROL VALVES CO., LTD.” to better meet the direction of the firm. Established G-Tech as the distributor in Taiwan. Obtained API 607 4th Edition fireproof ball valve testing certificate.
Obtained DNV ISO 9001:2000, passed CE PED 97/23/EC, developed JSB series V-type control valve.
Established JDV Shanghai for the China market.
Obtained the certificate for API 6D. Invested NT $ 20 million to build a Cv flow laboratory. Developed JBT/JBTM series fixed axis ball valves.
Established offices in Beijing, Chongqing and Chengdu.
Developed HVOF high velocity oxygen fuel spraying technology and successfully produced products with it.
Established factory in Shanghai. Developed JTEM-series triple offset butterfly valves.
The executive committee formally introduced its first 3-year plan. Developed JBE/JBEM-series two-piece solid core control valves and insulation control valves. Service plant in Mailiao was founded to handle the field of maintenance service.
Awarded by Ministry of Economic Affairs’ CITD and the grant was invested to build the company’s second factory in Taiwan. Developed first generation (800 degree) of hard and wear-resistant sealing technology. Obtained Netherlands’ DCI 500 high temperature certification and Germany’s TUV BS6364 -196 degree low temperature certification.
Obtained the SBIR grant from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Established an operating headquarters in Shanghai and Hong Kong JDV Trade. Introduced KPMG accounting firm for financial consolidation and internal control system.
Bought out Falcon International Trade and made it into an international marketing and service company. G-Tech, which is responsible for the domestic sales service, also completed the construction in Chungli. On October 18th, the global headquarters and R&D center officially started (Youshih plant). Introduced a new ERP system and obtained API 607 6th Edition fireproof ball valve testing certificate.
Created American brand Alpha Plus Valves Inc. Built Asia’s largest HVOF metal hardening and spraying and precise grinding plant. Offered cash warrants for employees. The capital became NT $ 199 million. Introduced Deloitte and passed TIPS of Taiwan Intellectual Property.
iD TechVentures and Mega Holdings joined the operating team. Acquired Switzerland’s second largest valve company, Z-TAG, to have it handle the sales and services in the European market. Passed TIPS of Taiwan Intellectual Property.
China Steel joined the operating team, speeding up the links between the industries. G-Tech’s Kaohsiung maintenance plant was moved to Xiaogang district. Established a branch in Singapore to expand the Southeast Asian market. Better system to manage the dealer network. Built grade 2 quality control laboratory. JDV became the first in the Greater China region to obtain TÜV Rheinland functional safety SIL 3 certification with ball valves. Passed TIPS of Taiwan Intellectual Property.
High shear v-type control valve (JSB), low fugitive emissions metal seal cryogenic valve (JBFM cryogenic) and triple offset butterfly valves (JTEM) won 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award
Floating Titanium Ball Valve (JAFM) and Trunnion Type Ball Valve (JBTM) won 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award.
Floating Type Ball Valve (JBFM) and Double Offset Butterfly Valve (JTD) won 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award.
JIANGSU JDV established in Yancheng of China start up the OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacture) production mode.
The 1st Taiwanese company got awarded the contract supplier by SINOPEC in 2017 (Total 4 in global).
The 1st Taiwanese company got awarded the ball valve supplier by SMIC. (Total 5 in global)
Certificated by Taiwan Intellectual Property Management in Level A (TIPS A) for the protection of intellectual property.
Floating Type Jacket Ball Valve (JBKM) and 3PC Threaded / Welded Ball Valve (JBSM) won 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award.
3/4-Way Trunnion Type Soft/Metal Seat Ball Valve (JCTM) won 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award.
High Performance Butterfly Valve were awarded the 28th Taiwan Excellence.
The only valve company in Taiwan got approved by TIPS and has been continuous 8 years.
Trunnion Type Ball Valve were awarded the 29th Taiwan Excellence.
As the first overseas company approved by China TSG Certificate in A1 Level. (TSG: Technical Security Regulation for special equipment, manged by the State Administration for Market Regulation)
Invested JDV Group USA in Houston TX for developing the market in power plant valves and expanding JDV brand.
Officially applied to register in the Emerging Stock Market moving toward to IPO to create more company value and sustainability.
JDV USA's had the first public appearance in the Valve World Americas Expo Houston, introduced JDV's power plant metal seated ball valves with its robust design into the market.
Awarded by the 30th Taiwan Excellence for the power plant metal seated ball valve, this honor has been in continuously 8 years.

JDV Group

Established in 1975. Global headquarters, Branding, R&D and manufacturing
Established in 2008. Manufacturing, maintenance and trade services of valve products.
Established in 2017. JIANGSU JDV established in Yancheng of China start up the OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacture) production mode.
Established in 2014. Sales and services of valves in Southeast Asia and emerging markets.
Established in 2001. Maintenance, sales and services of valves from various brands.
Established in 1986. Manufacturing, trades and maintenance of ball valves and pressure regulators.