H.V.O.F. (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) Most severe applications are accompanied by high temperature, high abrasion, or high pressure using conditions. In order to make valves withstand there tough services, the balls and seats may need to be strengthened by another material. For this purpose, we built our own HVOF coating facility, to control the core of technology in the metal seat ball valve. JDV can offer different coating materials such as tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, stellite, or other materials according to the service conditions.




JDV has its own R&D center, product validation teams and laboratory. In the QC 2nd grade laboratory, we have automatically modern equipments, for example, Thermo metal spectrometers from Sweden and ATOS Triple high-end scan system from German for the purposes of testing, simulating and validating product structures, etc.




To guarantee high quality, JDV also has variety of product examinations according to customers' needs.

  1. Shell pressure testing
  2. Seat leakage testing (Low pressure/High pressure)
  3. VOC testing
  4. Cryogenic testing
  5. Cleaning testing
  6. Vacuum testing
  7. Anti-static testing
  8. High-temperature testing
  9. Mechanical Life Cycle Testing