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In 1991, Jinn Dean Industrial added a "JDV" brand for the global market. JD comes from the company name of Jinn Dean and V refers to valves. JDV happens to be the acronym of "Just delivering value". It represents Stan Shih 's smiling curve model to add values, stressing the importance of using scientific and standardized approach to shorten the learning curve and create value together with customers to have a win-win situation.

JDV's "metal seal technology" leads Asia. The product line includes regular ball valves, fire certification valves, metal seated valves, gate valves, safety valves and other performance valves. The company has the breakthrough technology in ultra environment (800℃~ -196℃), ultra-high pressure resistance (4,500 lb grade) and abrasion resistance (applicable to any fluid) and other harsh industrial environments. All products are developed and manufactured 100% in Taiwan and meet ANSI, JIS, DIN and GB international standards. Strict control of key production processes improve product yield and provide customers with a stable, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly solution.

Mr. Shun-Tian Fan, the founder of JDV.
Mr. Shun-Tian Fan, the founder of JDV.

Design philosophy of brand identity

JDV logo
  • White curve represents fluid and valve technology and the smiling curve.
  • Red circle symbolizes openness, and the black background symbolizes precise process.
  • The main colors of red, black and white represent passion, firmness and reliability, respectively, in terms of the brand personality.


JDV adheres to the principle of “integrity and innovation as the foundation” and the vision of “becoming a leading brand for control valve in Asia”. In adhering to the founder’s philosophy of “quality is the life of a business” and under the consensus of everyone, the company invests greatly in research and development every year, introduces first-class equipments to assist in design and refers to the strict SOP of Europe’s précising manufacturing to generate the best and the most innovative products. The company strives to create high value to the customers, shareholders, employees and the industries in Taiwan, having sustainability as its goal.