(Floating Metal Seat Titanium Ball Valve)、(Trunnion Type Soft/Metal Seat Ball Valve)

(Taipei, Taiwan) JDV, a Taiwan’s leading brand in control valves, has won the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award for its Titanium Metal Seated Floating Ball Valve, and the Soft and Metal Seated Trunnion Ball Valve.


JDV’s General Manager, Mr Steven Fan, explained, “JDV control valves are 100% made in Taiwan. In recent years, by leveraging JDV’s strengths in industry-leading metal seat technology and R&D, JDV is able to meet customers’ demand for innovative products in Europe, North America, China, and Southeast Asia. At the same time, JDV strives to ensure excellence in public safety, security, and environmental pollution prevention and control. Winning the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award two years running reaffirms Taiwan’s commitment and is a significant milestone for Taiwan’s valve industry. "


The first award-winning design JDV "Titanium Metal Seated Ball Valve", draws on the unique characteristic of titanium oxide as well as JDV’s exceptional metal seated technology, to create an ultra-corrosion resistant, anti-abrasion and anti-static valve with a wide operating temperature range of -253°C ~ 316 ℃. Titanium has the property that the oxidized layer (TiO2、Ti2O3、TiO) films on the surface at ambient temperature and regenerates in case the surface gets damage, which gives the excellent anti-corrosion solution applying to severe applications. JDV’s patented multifunction lever design conforms not only to the torque requirements from the American Petroleum Institute (API) standard, but also provides the ergonomic operation.


The titanium seat keeps the sufficient metal toughness and ductility to reach the tight sealing even at -253°C cryogenic temperature; and yet, it has the better strength than general high-strength alloys like steel, aluminum, and magnesium. Titanium is a reliable material for harsh applications with extreme low temperature and high corrosion in various industries such as oil refining, iron and steel, pulp & paper, petrochemical, and mining. It also provides the ideal solution for desalination plants, thermal power plants, gas plants, and incinerator plants.


The second award-winning design JDV "Trunnion Metal Seated Ball Valve" with its exclusive "metal seat technology" is designed in tight sealing to reach zero leakage, withstanding extreme temperature range -196 ℃ to +800 ℃, high pressure drop, and abrasion resistance to satisfy various tough services. The anti-blowout stem design ensures the safety that has been certificated by SIL3 by TÜV.


This breakthrough product design facilitates easy maintenance as the valve can be serviced at site, reducing 80% maintenance time and downtime losses. This highly standardized valve design translates into a smooth production process, significantly reduces the potential operational risks and ensures the safety and reliability of the industrial plants.