JDV CONTROL VALVES ("JDV"), was founded in 1965 in Taiwan, is a professional valve manufacturer which dedicate to technical development and produce valve product. JDV's products have been marketed throughout North American, Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and China by advanced technical and reliable quality to use for oil, chemical, electronic, electrical station, city building, environment and so on. Also, JDV's products is apply to the different working condition such as the medium that has different acid, alkaline, water, oil, or steam and the fluid that has different sticky, powder or solid.

Recently, JDV uncovered some of person or firm to use the unauthorized trademark or the Chinese name of "XX進典閥門” including but not limited to our logos, photos, contents and other contact information, to pretend the JDV CONTROL VALVES to sell or market the counterfeit products but this behavior above has seriously injured our reputation and legal right.

In view of the fake website using JDV's name in the China market, we hereby announce that the JDV has two subsidiary company in the PRC which are the JDV CONTROL VALVES (SHANG HAI) at business commenced on 2008 and JDV CONTROL VALVES (JIANG SU) at business commenced on 2017. Also, we have three trade office which is in JI NAN, XI AN, and YUE YANG and a director of sales for Grand China. We only have one official website that is and neither sets up any online shop nor operates with other companies under franchise mode. In addition, anyone or firms claims by self that owns the Chinese name of "XX進典閥門”, "XX進典閥門”, "XX進典XX有限公司”, and so on to set up the company or website that the company name approximate to the "進典工業股份有限公司” do not have any relationship with JDV.

JDV have a series of trademarks such as JDV® for using on our product which owns the self-designed and produced. Anyone that unauthorized person or firms should instantly stop to injure the JDV's reputation and legal right.

Also, the counterfeit products are not JDV's products, so, unfortunately, we are unable to offer any of our support services and don't expect any warrantee or for a refund in case of a malfunction.

Any person or firm that doesn't get licenses from JDV should not market the JDV's products. We will take legal actions if you take forged, fabricated, or altered JDV's products picture and company information. If those actives above are illegal, we will file Civil and Criminal litigations or report to the judicial authorities according to the law so that protect our customers and JDV's reputation.

Welcome customers or everyone of social to collect the information in who has infringed to the JDV's brand image and legal right and tell us who take illegal actions that forge, fabricate, or alter the JDV's brand, we will thank you for your help. If you have any question about whether the products are original or whether the staff is true, please do not hesitate to contact us as below.


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Director of Sales for Greater China


CEO Steven

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Hereby declare!